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Carpet Cleaning in Tallahassee, FL, for Homes and Businesses

Does your flooring look like it has seen better days? Revitalize the appearance of your interior with services from All Steamed Up Carpet Cleaning. We specialize in carpet cleaning in Tallahassee, FL. With our services, you have everything you need to make your property look and feel like new.

The Steam Cleaning Advantage

Carpeting is a flooring material that is very popular for its aesthetic appeal, sound dampening capabilities, and ability to trap allergens--among other things.


Be that as it may, carpet flooring tends to accumulate dirt, dust, and other contaminants over time. After a certain point, vacuuming is not enough to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of carpeting. That’s when you need steam cleaning.


Steam cleaning uses a combination of heat and potent cleaning compounds to clean below the surface. It has many advantages. Most of all, it extracts dirt directly from fibers, which improves the appearance of your interior. Our services will make your property an inviting space.

Full-service deep cleaning also improves the health of your home or place of business. We get rid of dust, allergens, and other airborne irritants that may have accumulated in your flooring. This will improve indoor air quality considerably and will allow you to breathe easier.

Our Pricing

We provide industry-leading service at affordable rates. By choosing us as your carpet cleaners, you can have confidence in knowing we will generate impactful results that you will notice almost immediately. Please view our current pricing, and then request our services today.

                                    2 Rooms - $65.00
                                    3 Rooms - $80.00
                                    4 Rooms/Hall - $100.00
                                    5 Rooms/Hall - $125.00
                                    Stairs - $25 up to 13 Steps ($2/Each for Additional Steps + $5.00 per Landing)
                                    Anti-Allergen Sanitizer - $25/Room
                                    Antibacterial Agent/Deodorizer - $10/Room

We also encourage you to view our photo gallery that features properties that we have worked on in the past. One look and you will agree that we provide carpet cleaning solutions at the best possible value.

Contact us to request an estimate for our services. We proudly serve homeowners and business owners throughout Tallahassee, FL, and the surrounding area.



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