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Tips on Carpet Maintenance and Other Thoughts from Michael:

Red Wine, Kool-Aid, or other colorful liquid spills:

Place a scrap of cloth or paper towel over the spill and blot - DO NOT RUB - to soak up excess liquid.  Then, while stain is still wet, pour table salt over entire area of spill and let dry completely.  When the salt is 100% dry, just vacuum it up and voila!  The stain is, if not 100% gone, far easier for me to get rid of for you!

Vacuuming Between and Just After Cleaning:

Most people vacuum their carpets at least once a week, but don't realize the importance of vacuuming after having had your carpet cleaned.  Most carpet cleaning specialists won't tell you this, but regardless of how well their equipment works, there's always going to be some soap residue left behind, which will attract dirt if not vacuumed as soon as the carpet is completely dry.  When it comes to carpet cleaning in Tallahassee, Michael prefers to have an honest relationship with his customers, even if it means you don't need your carpets cleaned as often.